Welcome to the Division of Behavioral Sciences

The Division of Behavioral Sciences at Chaminade University houses degree programs that focus on behavior in its many manifestations. In each major, hands-on experience is a critical component; it is through this component that our faculty ensures a dynamic connection between the understanding of theory and the application of skills that are required of students in each of their respective, professional fields.

Undergraduate Programs

Behavioral Sciences, Criminology & Criminal Justice, and Psychology

Graduate Programs

M.S. Counseling Psychology and M.S. Criminal Justice Administration

A Message from the Dean


Essentially, programs in the Behavioral Sciences Division are oriented toward understanding (theory) and adapting to change (application) within various environmental contexts. Our focus is on behavior in its many manifestations.

Our division consists of three undergraduate programs and two graduate programs. The undergraduate degree programs are in behavioral sciences, criminal justice and psychology. The two graduate degree programs are the Master of Science in Counseling Psychology and the Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration. For information about these programs, please contact the respective departments.

Throughout our programs you will find an excellent, highly qualified and dedicated faculty, and small class sizes designed to promote a fruitful learning environment. Degrees earned in these programs are the beginning of rewarding careers in the field of behavioral sciences.

Dr. Robert Santee, Ph. D

Dean, Division of Behavioral Sciences